HP SW LO100i Advanced Pack Tracking License

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ProLiant Essentials Integrated Lights-Out Select Pack, 1 server License Featuring: sophisticated remote control and security features for HP BladeSystem servers and ProLiant ML/DL servers in text console environments. 413119-B21 NOTE: For additional ProLiant Integrated Light-Out Select Pack License Kits please see the QuickSpecs at: datasheet

Q1. What is HP Integrated Lights-Out 2?
A1. HP Integrated Lights-Out 2, also known as iLO 2, is HP's fourth generation of Lights-Out remote management technology for ProLiant servers and ProLiant BladeSystem server blades, which deliver the industry's most complete, high-performance, out-of-band remote management solution. It is made up of a powerful management processor with pre-loaded firmware that enables innovative and standards-based remote management from anywhere at anytime.
Q2. What is HP iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem?
A2. HP iLO Advanced is the most complete remote management experience you can have with your ProLiant server. HP iLO Advanced provides powerful visual access of your remote server through the graphical remote console, regardless of the server’s location or your location. iLO Advanced also provides a number of other benefits such as the ability to cap server power, automatically capture video footage of server events like the last boot and last fault, allow for global team collaboration for up to four users, ability to deploy images, fixes, etc with virtual media, and much more. HP iLO Advanced for BladeSystem provides the same level of comprehensive remote management to your ProLiant BladeSystem server blade.
Q3. How can HP iLO Advanced benefit my business?
A3. HP iLO Advanced allow you to have full remote control of a ProLiant server without compromise for routine administration or occasional maintenance. It eliminates more trips to remote ProLiant servers than any other remote control solution because it enables full remote control when the system is powered off, starting up, distressed or operating normally. With iLO Advanced, you can perform virtually any task remotely as if you were at the server using its keyboard, mouse and monitor, power button and floppy, CD/DVD or USB key. iLO Advanced can also automatically capture video footage every time the server boots up, and every time the server has a fault sequence (like a bluescreen). Multiple server administrators can even view and share control of the system console to collaboratively troubleshoot and administer ProLiant servers.

HP iLO Advanced puts you in control whether the remote system is powered off, distressed or running normally. It is the single, remote control solution that dramatically reduces the need to travel to a server or to find qualified local support when responding to a problem or performing routine administration of hardware, firmware or software.
Q4. What are the new capabilities in iLO 2 v1.70?
A4. iLO 2 firmware version 1.70 is now available for download with a number of new benefits. iLO Advanced now provides Dynamic Power Capping, which allows users to cap the power consumption of support HP ProLiant and ProLiant BladeSystem server blade, including at the enclosure level. Additionally, iLO Advanced provides the new iLO Text Console, providing users the choice between the graphical remote console or a new text based interface. Finally, the new iLO Video Player allows users to view iLO captured videos within an iLO session or on their local desktop using the iLO Video Player user interface.
Q5. What servers support iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem?
A5. iLO Advanced is supported on all iLO 2 based ProLiant ML and DL 300, 500, and 700 series servers. iLO Advanced for BladeSystem is supported on all iLO 2 based ProLiant BladeSystem server blades.
New Licensing for iLO Advanced and Advanced for BladeSystem
Q1. What is new with iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem licensing?
A1. Beginning December 15 2008, all iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem licenses will include one year of 24x7 technical support, as well as one year of rights to new features in iLO. This will provide iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem customers with direct access to product expertise to help through any issue they encounter. Options also exist to extend this from one year to three, four, or five years. Once this contract is complete, HP Services is proactively contact customers regarding renewal options.
Q2. Will there be any changes to the iLO part numbers or licenses by adding technical support and updates?
A2. Yes, in conjunction with these changes, the part numbers for new single server, multiple server flexible quantity, and tracking licenses have changed. On December 15 2008, all license orders will require the use of the new part numbers. The only exception involves tracking license orders associated with AKA's completed prior to December 15 2008. In these cases, customers may continue to place orders for tracking licenses with pre-December 15 2008 part numbers through the duration of those contracts.

iLO Advanced Pack Part Numbers
License type Pre Dec 15, 2008 Post Dec 15, 2008
Single server license 452141-B21 512485-B21
Flex license 452142-B21 512486-B21
Tracking license 452143-B21 512487-B21
Electronix license T9080AAE TA850AAE
iLO Advanced for BladeSystem Part Numbers
License type Pre Dec 15, 2008 Post Dec 15, 2008
Single server license 452158-B21 512488-B21
Flex license 452159-B21 512490-B21
Tracking license 452160-B21 512491-B21
8-blade flex license 452161-B21 512489-B21
Tracking license T9081AAE TA851AAE
Q3. I am already an iLO Advanced customer – how can I benefit from technical support and updates?
A3. Every new iLO Advanced or iLO Advanced for BladeSystem license that is purchased on or after December 15 2008 will have one year of technical support and updates included in the license price. Existing customers can contact their HP representative regarding transitional care packs to benefit from technical support and updates.
Q4. Why is HP making these changes?
A4. These changes bring Insight Control and iLO 2 licensing in line with standard industry practices for software licensing and HP's own software licensing practices. In addition they will allow HP to continue to provide innovative, industry leading remote management functionality to ProLiant customers.
Q5. What options exist to license iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem?
A5. HP iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem can be purchased as a standalone license as a single server, multi-server, flexible quantity, or tracking licenses. Additionally, customers may purchase HP Insight Control Environment suites or HP Insight Dynamics suites, which include the iLO Advanced option, along with other products providing datacenter level management, deployment, power management, virtual machine management, and much more. Additionally, an upgrade is available for existing iLO Advanced customers to upgrade to HP Insight Control Environment. For more information visit http://www.hp.com/go/InsightControl.

iLO 2 Standard/iLO 2 Standard Blade Edition
Q1. What is iLO 2 Standard / iLO 2 Standard Blade Edition?
A1. iLO 2 Standard and Standard and iLO 2 Standard Blade Edition are base level remote management capabilities that comes with ProLiant and ProLiant BladeSystem servers. iLO Standard features include:
  • Virtual power and UID - full remote control of the server power button and server unit identification LED
  • Remote serial console - access the BIOS and POST consoles as well as Windows Server 2003 Emergency Management Services and tty sessions using serial redirection over LAN
  • Embedded system health - view the status of fans, temperatures and power supplies on bare metal or OS distressed servers
  • System power consumption - view the average system power consumption
  • Browser, command line, and scripting interfaces - flexible operation, configuration and maintenance in Linux and Windows environments
  • Dedicated or shared network port - connect to iLO 2 via the traditional iLO network interface or use any features through a shared system NIC with optional VLAN support
  • iLO & server diagnostics - detailed status, logs and alert forwarding
iLO 2 Standard Blade Edition adds these capabilities as well:
  • Virtual KVM - HP's innovative remote digital video redirection technology that provides KVM over IP performance using embedded management processor hardware.
  • Virtual Media - from a browser only, boot a remote server to a standard 1.44-MB diskette, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, ISO 9660 image or USB flash key on a client machine.
Q2. What security features are standard with iLO 2 management processors?
A2. iLO 2 provides total remote control without compromise. iLO Standard and iLO Standard Blade Edition provide industry leading security in the following ways:
  • Each iLO 2 management processor is shipped with a unique default username and password to prevent unauthorized access until standard security is configured.
  • Up to 12 locally stored user accounts with unique user names and passwords
  • Industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and interfaces are secured from an encryption and authentication perspective.
  • Dedicated network connectivity enables a physically isolated "management subnetwork." In addition, VLAN tagging can be used to logically isolate the dedicated network connection as well as the iLO 2 shared network port.
For more information about the extensive iLO 2 security, download the white paper, Integrated Lights-Out Security.
Q3. What is WS Management?
A3. Web Services Management (WS Management) is an emerging standard for programmatic interfaces used to manage systems over a standard networks. It is part of the Server Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH) initiative of the Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF) which will provide a common way for heterogeneous systems and applications to access and exchange management information across an IT infrastructure. iLO 2 and other management processors have traditionally used proprietary XML programmatic interfaces to provide scalable, automated interaction with other systems and applications. HP is committed to delivering products that enable improvements in data center efficiency using standards such as SMASH and WS Management. HP will deploy SMASH technology across the entire line of ProLiant and Integrity servers and will include WS-Management support across ProLiant and other HP servers.

General iLO 2 Facts
Q1. How are the iLO Advanced features enabled on iLO 2 management processors?
A1. There is no additional software installation required to upgrade iLO 2 standard features to iLO Advanced or iLO Advanced for BladeSystem. All the firmware required for iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem comes shipped on ProLiant and ProLiant BladeSystem servers. iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem are achieved simply by entering a license key. The license key can be entered using the iLO 2 browser, command line or scripting interfaces to automatically activate iLO 2 Advanced..
Q2. Can I use iLO Advanced license keys on iLO 2 and iLO management processors?
A2. Yes. The iLO Advanced keys are designed to conveniently activate features on either management processor. So, while different features may be activated, a new iLO Advanced key can be used on a new ProLiant server or one that was purchased in 2002.
Q3. How can I evaluate iLO Advanced or iLO Advanced for BladeSystem on my ProLiant server or ProLiant BladeSystem?
A3. Yes. Visit www.hp.com/go/TryInsightControl, select “Click here to register”, and select the iLO product you wish to evaluate. You can temporarily activate all iLO Advanced features on your server for 60 days. Only one 60 day trial is permitted per server.


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